American Appetites

American Appetites

L.A. Theatre Works presents an exclusive dramatization of Joyce Carol Oates’ best-selling novel, adapted by Nick Olcott. In American Appetites, the façade of an affluent suburban couple crumbles under the weight of tragedy and scandal. When Ian McCullough accidentally pushes his wife through a plate glass window during an argument, the American dream turns into a nightmare. A sophisticated, witty, and chilling tale.

An L.A. Theatre Works full cast performance featuring:

Lisa Akey as Ichor/Clerk
Keith Carradine as Ian McCoullogh
Alastair Duncan as Denis
Paul Eiding as Vaughn/Detective Wentz/Horace V. Kick
Anna Gunn as Roberta
Jean Louisa Kelly as Sigrid
Dan Lauria as Lederer
Frank Muller as Ottinger
B.J. Ward as Glynnis McCoullough
Elizabeth Ward Land as Meika/Margaret
Liza Weil as Bianca
Tegan West as Sabri/Detective Holland/Judge

Directed by Gordon Hunt. Recorded before a live audience at the Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles in July of 2000.

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Joyce Carol Oates adapted by Nick Olcott


Lisa Akey, Keith Carradine, Alastair Duncan, Paul Eiding, Anna Gunn, Dan Lauria, Jean Louisa Kelly, Frank Muller, B.J. Ward, Elizabeth Ward Land, Liza Weil, Tegan West

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