Forty-Two Stories

Forty-Two Stories

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Forty-Two Stories by Douglas Post is a comedy about life in a high-rise condominium. A professional student from the University of Chicago is moonlighting as janitor. A stressed-out apartment manager is at odds with the residents and on the edge of a nervous breakdown. And a motley assortment of other staff members struggles with survival in the face of urban pandemonium and with the fact that one of them may be breaking into the units and stealing women’s underwear. A Next Theatre co-production.

An L.A. Theatre Works full cast performance featuring:

Edward Asner as Frank
Rengin Altay as Demetra
Jane Blass as Alice
Kyle Colerider-Krugh as Zackary
Sam Macy as Sergio
Mike Nussbaum as Gunter
Morocco Omari as Timothy
David M. Pasquesi as Ed
Steve Pickering as Ross

Directed by Susan Booth. Recorded before a live audience at the North Shore Center for the Performing Arts, Skokie in June of 1998.

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Fran Adams, Ed Begley Jr., Samantha Bennett, Dan Butler, Arye Gross, Michael Luckerman, Charlie Robinson, Tom Virtue, Fred Willard


Douglas Post

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