Lips Together, Teeth Apart

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Take two heterosexual couples and surround them with gay vacationers at Fire Island on the Fourth of July. What could go wrong? Find out in playwright Terrence McNally’s masterful dark comedy which brings to life ghosts of the past as it lays bare secrets of the heart. If you love plays that walk a fine line between laugh-out-loud comedy and truth-telling drama, this one is for you!

An L.A. Theatre Works full cast performance featuring:

Kristen Johnston as Chloe
Steven Weber as John
Missy Yager as Sally
Hugo Armstrong as Sam

Directed by Bart DeLorenzo. Recorded in Los Angeles before a live audience at The James Bridges Theater, UCLA in December of 2012.

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Hugo Armstrong, Kristen Johnston, Steven Weber, Missy Yager


Terrence McNally

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