Stacy Keach stars in this shocking tale of a Polk Street dentist and his wife in 1899 San Francisco. Frank Norris’ powerful insights into the depths of the human soul make this a story of compelling narrative force. This seminal novel about murder, obsession and the destructive effects of greed features an all-star cast.

An L.A. Theatre Works full cast performance featuring:

Edward Asner as Zerkow/Frenna
René Auberjonois as Narrator
Christine Avila as Maria
Ed Begley Jr. as Uncle Oelberman/Policeman
Georgia Brown as Vaudeville Performer
Jack Coleman as Narrator
Bud Cort as Ticket Seller/Agent/Dentist/Vaudeville Performer/Crowd
Judyann Elder as Narrator
Hector Elizondo as Wild Game Peddler/Mr. Sieppe/Narrator
Fionnula Flanagan as Narrator
Teri Garr as Women/Crowd/Little Girl
Katherine Helmond as Miss Baker
Howard Hesseman as Heise/Cowboy/Foreman/Narrator
Helen Hunt as Salina/Narrator
Amy Irving as Mrs. Heise/Women/Crowd/German Woman #2/Narrator
Carol Kane as Trina
Stacy Keach as McTeague
Nan Martin as Narrator
Marsha Mason as Narrator
Richard Masur as Cribbens/Waiter/Crowd/Narrator
Rue McLanahan as Mrs. Sieppe/German Woman #1
Marian Mercer as Mrs. Reiser/Crowd/Vaudeville Performer/Narrator
Judd Nelson as Narrator
Holly Palance as Narrator
Judge Reinhold as Auctioneer/Breakman
Franklyn Seales as Narrator
David Selby as Narrator
Madolyn Smith as Narrator
Joe Spano as Marcus/Vaudeville Performer
B.J. Ward as August/Little Girl
JoBeth Williams as Narrator
Michael York as Old Grannis/Narrator/Doctor
Harris Yulin as Narrator

Original music by Nathan Birnbaum.

Directed by Gordon Hunt. Recorded before a live audience at the KCRW Studios, Santa Monica in July of 1989.

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Frank Norris


Ed Asner, Rene Auberjonois, Ed Begley Jr., Georgia Brown, Jack Coleman, Bud Cort, Judy Ann Elder, Hector Elizondo, Fionnula Flanagan, Teri Garr, Katherine Helmond, Howard Hessman, Helen Hunt, Amy Irving, Carol Kane, Stacy Keach, Sara Kessler, Nan Martin, Richard Masur, Marsha Mason, Rue McLanahan, Marian Mercer, Judd Nelson, Holly Palance, Judge Reinhold, Franklin Seales, David Selby, Joe Spano, Madeleine Smith, JoBeth Williams, Michael York, Harris Yulen

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